What about Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is the species most adapted to living with humans. It has done so since ancient times. Bed bugs are mentioned in medieval European texts and in classical Greek writings back to the time of Aristotle. Other bed bug species prefer to feed on wild hosts, especially bats and birds.

Bed Bug K-9 Team

Beddy is a rescue dog turned K-9 bed bug detection specialist. She is the first certified bedbug detecting dog for Perfection K-9 Services. Beddy stands apart for the following reasons:
  • Beddy’s initial bed bug training — At eight months of age, Beddy was rescued and brought to the Action Canine Institute in Manistee, Michigan. There she received intensive training and fulfilled her requirements for canine bed bug detection certification.
  • Beddy’s detection — Beddy’s training focused solely on exclusive detection of living bedbugs and viable (un-hatched) eggs. She will not alert to dead bed bugs, cast exoskeletons, hatched eggs, dead eggs or feces.*  
  • Beddy’s handler — Action Canine Institute trained extensively with Beddy’s handler on how to read the behavior of the canine.  Her handler also has over 10 years experience in pest management.
  • Beddy’s ongoing training — Every day, Beddy and her handler train for the detection of live bedbugs.  This keeps their skills sharp and ready to be put to work.
  • Beddy’s proven “ScentsAblity” — Beddy has an accuracy rate three times greater than that of a trained technician’s visual inspection. With skills so sharp, Beddy saves her client’s time and money. She can distinguish between areas that are infested, requiring treatment; and areas unaffected, which can be left undisturbed.

Sniffing Out Signs of Bed Bugs

About Reactive Services: In order to eliminate the problem in the quickest and most effective way possible, let Beddy inspect your property to determine which areas and rooms are infested. This will assist your pest control specialist by eliminating the guess work and ensuring that he/she is treating the exact locations of the infestations, which can help to reduce the amount of product application needed.
If you have already had your premises treated by a pest control specialist, let us inspect the property to assure you that the problem has been eliminated. Time is of the essence.  If bed bug activity is identified, your pest control specialist can be brought back in to start control measures more quickly and you can get back to your normal life.
About Proactive Services: We are happy to customize a bed bug inspection schedule for your property, whether on a one time service, on-call, or a recurring basis. Demanding that properties be certified as bedbug free is becoming increasingly common for prospective renters and home-owners everywhere. We will proactively inspect your property and provide you with documentation.  This will announce that you have made every effort possible to ensure your property is of the highest standards, and is entirely free of bedbugs.
We are simply the best bed bug control company in cincinnati.Call (859) 525-8560 today to learn more about our bedbug detecting canine service.

* Based on a University of Florida study: Ability of Bedbug-Detecting Canines to Locate Live Bedbugs and Viable Bedbug Eggs
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